Who was The Batman Who Laughs talking to? Compruébelo usted mismo | batman que rie

The Batman Who Laughs talking to Lex Luthor. He’s not the Joker, Jim. He’s Batman.

How is The Batman Who Laughs defeated?

The Batman Who Laughs is defeated when the Prime Universe Batman is aided by the Joker, who notes the alternate Batman’s failure to perceive this scenario due to still being a version of Batman.

What are The Batman Who Laughs feats?

At his strongest, the Batman Who Laughs could travel through time, space and the multiverse at will and possessed cosmic awareness. He also had complete molecular control over his body and could create copies of himself, in addition to giving himself powers like super-speed and super-strength at will.

What are The Batman Who Laughs Robins?

The Batman Who Laughs’ Robins are a group of feral, Jokerized children that he keeps on chain-link leashes.

How can Batman Who Laughs See?

He uses a visor made of dark metal to filter out the dark energy and noise in order to focus on what he wants to see. This visor is spiked and would appear to blind him if it wasn’t for the knowledge that it actually helps him see.

Is The Batman Who Laughs a God?

DC Declares the Batman Who Laughs a New God With Death Metal One-Shot. The Batman Who Laughs is now more powerful than ever, and a tie-in special to Dark Nights: Death Metal will expand on his rise to godhood.

Is The Batman Who Laughs still alive?

During the events of this story, the corpse of the Batman Who Laughs was reanimated and fought his main counterpart, wherein he stated that it was possible his godly self could lose the battle.

Can Batman who laughs destroy universes?

As part of his plot, the Batman Who Laughs revealed that he had captured the Over-Monitor, who, when linked up with the Anti-Monitor’s astral brain, would destroy all of reality, both the Dark Multiverse and the Multiverse and leave nothing but darkness.

Who beat the darkest knight?

Diana has two choices: keep fighting and lose or surrender to the Darkest Knight and use their combined power to kill the Hands. Refusing to give up, Diana strikes back at the Darkest Knight, pushing him forward through time, sending him into the dying embers of Earth’s sun.

How strong is the darkest knight?

The Darkest Knight is as powerful as Dr. Manhattan, only that he is crazy too :D. So the Darkest Knight is god Like and Like unkillable. He has unlimited Power.

Who is the darkest Robin?

Amongst the Dark Robins is the Earth -22 version of Damian Wayne, who opted to join his father in insanity instead of being slaughtered by him like the rest of the Bat Family.

Is Batman laughing canon?

Yep. Batman Who Laughs is 100% in continuity. (was set up in JL and while it will read as a singular story, the ending will set events in motion that reverberate in a big way) So this is considered canon and not a side story?!

What is the Joker toxin?

Labs 1993 Annual Report (a sourcebook for Mayfair’s DC Heroes Roleplaying Game) stated that Joker Venom is “a hellish mixture of hydrogen cyanide and Strychnodide (a strychnine derivative), the toxin causes immediate cessation of heart and brain functions.

How tall is Batman?

DC officially lists Batman as being 6 feet, 2 inches tall. The average height for an adult man is about 5’10,” making Batman taller than average. With the additional height of the costume’s hallmark pointy bat ears, Batman’s size could look pretty intimidating in a dark alley.

Did The Batman Who Laughs absorb Dr. Manhattan?

Osterman was transformed into Dr. Manhattan after an accident trapped him in the machine as it turned on. The case was similar for Bruce Wayne — only it was no accident: it was the Batman Who Laughs who trapped him in the machine and turned it on, assuring the creation of a powerful super-being.